How can I get money for my old car?

How can I get money for my old car?

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Waste recycling is one of the trending talking in the car world in recent decades. There are many companies who are working in this field like Fast Car Removals, where peoples can easily sell their cars in a very short time period. This did not leave its mark on vehicle disposal either. But environmental protection is not the only focus here. A positive effect of the conscientious recycling and scrapping of cars, trucks, motorcycles, Recycles can also benefit economically from the careful approach.

A car classified as waste does not end up in the car press in its entirety when it is scrapped. Before doing this, the recycles dismantle most of the individual parts – including the cabling – drain all liquids and thus largely remove the car. In the end, for the most part, only the empty shell remains – the body.

Depending on their condition, the dismantled individual parts are resold to processors or brought onto the market as spare parts. Car disposal is therefore entirely geared towards reuse and recycling.

The “organ donation” is particularly interesting for vehicles for which spare parts are no longer produced, so that old-timers, in particular, can benefit from car recycling. The original components are not always cheap, but they are necessary to keep such vehicles alive.

  1. at least 95% of the total weight of the vehicle can be disposed of and

  2. at least 85% of the weight can even be recycled.

The manufacturers are therefore initially responsible. But the recycles must also ensure that the old and scrap cars are properly processed.

But anyone who thinks that the recycles get rich at the expense of the original keeper is wrong. If you have your old vehicle or scrap car disposed of, the assessment of the residual value is important.

Has the car scrapped yourself: what role does the residual value play?

If you want to make your car even scrap, you should first the possible residual value determined. This you can then the car scrapping with reputable sellers credited are. So you don’t have to automatically play when you approve your car for scrapping.

The cost of dismantling and pressing, which the service provider usually incurs, is then usually deducted from the payment offer from the acceptance point. If the providers have to pick up the scrap car themselves, they often have this service rewarded.

If there is no residual value for your vehicle, it is usually advisable to return the vehicle to the manufacturer. You won’t receive any payment here, but you don’t have to pay anything at the same time. The manufacturer, as the last owner, pays for the costs of having the car scrapped.

If you do not return the car to the manufacturer, but take it for recycling yourself, there are usually costs for the car disposal. The higher the residual value of the car that is no longer roadworthy, the less you, as a consumer, will feel it, because sometimes this can even result in a profitable business for you.

If the recycle rs scrap a car, the costs must be deducted from the residual value depending on the service. In the case of cars that are no longer roadworthy, it can hardly be avoided that the car recycle also charges for the additional collection.

The following fees may apply:
  • Basic fee for scrapping the car: around 100 dollars

  • If necessary, costs for collection: around 100 dollars (ask the respective provider for a cost estimate )

  • De-registration of the vehicle: often included

These items must be deducted from the residual value; you will usually receive a possible excess from the collection point or the dismantling company. Having the car disposed of can even end up flushing money into your own cash register.

There are also numerous companies that advertise that you can have your old car disposed of there free of charge. But this is usually only worthwhile if your end-of-life vehicle hardly has any residual value because this is often not taken into account by the providers.

Can you have the car scrapped without a vehicle registration document?

The clear answer: no. Whether you are returning it to the manufacturer or processing it via an official collection point: you will always need the vehicle registration document made out to you. This is to prevent abuse.

If you have simply lost the registration certificate, you can declare this in lieu of an oath to the competent registration authority. If the certificate was stolen, a police report is often required.

After checking the information, the authorities can issue you with a new replacement certificate. However, this process is usually associated with additional costs and time. So always keep your documents carefully. You will need them again at the latest for the disposal of your car.